SEO For Small Businesses

Why is SEO Important for Your Small Business?

Search Engine presence is an important factor for your business. 44% of online shoppers begin by using a search engine, and if they’re not finding you. They’re finding your competitor.
Many small business owners do not wish to tread into digital marketing territory. It’s understandable. There are high amounts of competition, lots of different strategies that work better for some industries better than others, and trying to wrap your head around the jargon can be confusing.
I understand, it’s an uphill battle, but by ignoring internet marketing, you’re ignoring methods of attracting customers to your products and services. Methods your competitors are taking advantage of and increasing their revenue!
If you want to flourish in your industry, then it is of great importance that you capitalise on the digital market.

Of course, search engines aren’t the only type of marketing online, there is also social media marketing, which in my opinion is the best practice for connecting with your customers and building brand loyalty.

Position Online

The position of your business on a search engine is important, but it is just as important to understand that it isn’t all about rankings! The industry has moved on. There was a time when ranking on page one for ten or so keywords attracted life changing traffic to your website. You may still see a great increase in your traffic with these keywords, but you will see a better conversion rate with a broader scope. It is important to get the help of a reputed SEO company, so you are careful not to sabotage the progress of your campaign.


there are countless questions online asking “what is more cost effective, SEO OR PPC?” In my experience, SEO has always been more profitable in the long run. However, they do both have their advantages, especially when used together.
Search Engine Optimisation is not an overnight process, and it can take months before you even start to see a return on your investment. However, the return that you will see will be substantial compared to Pay per Click’s performance and in the long run, it’ll be cheaper!

Pay Per Click is still an excellent form of advertising.
If you don’t have the patience to work towards your organic search results, it is much easier to pay your way to the top. It’s cheaper to start off with, and it’s good for market research (seeing which keywords work better than others), but it costs you for every single click, whereas SEO is only costing you what you’re willing to invest.

SEO is customisable for the needs of any business from any industry. SEO techniques, link building, and keyword analysis are strategies which are the foundations of your SEO campaign.

Research is necessary for the target audience, so you know exactly who, where and why your consumers are buying your products.